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The Minnesota Satisfactory Questionnaire is designed to measure an individual's satisfaction with his or her job. T Three version of questionnaires are available: 1977 version, 1967 version and a short form version. The MSQ provides more specific information on the aspects of a job that an individual finds rewarding, rather than general measures of job satisfaction. The MSQ is also useful in exploring client vocational needs, in counseling follow-up studies, and in generating information about the reinforcers in jobs.

This is an adaptation of the short form version of MSQ. The instruction is as follow:

  • There are 20 items in this questionnaire.
  • For each item, decide how satisfied you feel about the aspect of your job described by the item.
  • Check the box that best represent how you feel about the aspect; 5 choices are available: Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Somewhat Dissatisfied, Very Dissastified

Factor analysis of the 20 items resulted in two factors--Intrinsic and Extrinsic Satisfaction. Scores on these two factors plus a General Satisfaction score may be obtained. The test requires about 5-10 minutes. Press the button below to start the test .

Very Satisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Very Dissastified